What If You are Batman And Life Is Joker?

What If Your A Batman And Life Is Joker?

The Dark Knight movie chusina vallaki Batman , joker nu intorragate chestunna scene baga nachutundi. Oka scene lo Batman ila adugutaadu..


Ee dialogues in mana life lo implement chesi  chuddam

#1. Bcom lo physics Vs Social Media

#2.iPhone User Vs Iphone

#3.Common man vs Aadhar Card

#4.Common man vs TeleShopping TV Anchor

#5. Common vs Shocking News Channel Owner

#6.Me Vs My Boss

#8.Kooli Vs Mesthry

#9. Sub-Editor Vs Desk in-Charge

#10. Gfx artist Vs Client


 For Those Who Don’t Know what the hell is this..

check out this